Why A Personal Inspection Is Critical When Buying Homes for Sale


Why A Personal Inspection Is Critical When Buying Homes for Sale

March 19, 2020

You’re looking at a large number of homes for sale in Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, and Tiffin, Iowa and you aren’t sure which is the right option for you. This confusion is understandable because it can be hard to pick the right home from so many great options. As a result, we at Scallon Custom Homes always suggest a personal inspection of every home you’re looking to buy potentially. While this process may seem somewhat lengthy and annoying, it can save you a lot of problems in the long run.

Find Possible Issues

When you read an advertisement for homes for sale, you need to read between the lines to know what to expect. For example, lines such as “a carpenter’s dream!” is often code for “needs some work.” As a result, it is vital to go to the house to see what kind of problems may affect it. And believe us – every home has some minor to significant issues that you need to examine and treat appropriately.

For example, a basement-to-ceiling inspection of a home can help you check out what kind of issues may affect it. There could be foundation damage down in the basement that triggers some widespread problem. Or you may run into concerns at the ceiling that may plague a home, such as leaks and other issues that may make a home much harder to suggest for a purchase.

You may also want to walk through a home with a professional inspector, if possible, to spot any of these common problems. These experts have years of experience in their field and understand how to find issues that may occur sporadically throughout the life of a home. As a result, they are an excellent choice as a way of ensuring that you get the best home possible for your needs.

Inspections Help Potentially Save Money

Though inspections – especially when you hire a professional – will cost you time and money, walking through a home will ultimately save you a lot more cash than you spend. This reality is something that many real estate agents don’t want buyers to know. That’s because they’d rather sell the house without having to fix any of the problems that an independent inspector may find with you.

For example, a reasonable inspection on each of the homes for sale that you’re checking into could spot problems that the buyer may have to fix later. By spotting these issues right now, you’re letting the seller know about them and making them responsible for them. Remember: they still own the house, and trying to sell a house with known hazards will result in real financial problems.

Just as importantly, this inspection also saves you money by ensuring that you don’t have to fix any problems that may develop unexpectedly when you buy a home. Homeowners may either not know about these concerns or are trying to sell a home to you knowing full well that they exist. As a result, it is critical to make sure that you walk through the house yourself to avoid this potential.

Potential Bargaining Room

When you walk through a home during an inspection and spot problems that need to be fixed, you’re in quite a unique position. You have a lot of potential bargaining room that you can use to ask for less money from the house potentially. That’s because you’ll spot problems that may need to be fixed and – instead of asking the seller to fix them – you can ask for less money to ensure that you don’t pay too much for the purchase.

There are a few reasons that you may want to take either approach, here. First of all, buying homes for sale with problems is often not a bad idea if the issues are minor and you can knock the price of the house down to cover them. Remember: any bit of money that you take off of your mortgage is a significant step because it helps to decrease how much you owe to the bank and shortens your payment cycle.

You can even go into an exciting bidding war in which you ask for some things to be fixed while allowing other things to remain for you to fix. The idea here is to use multiple issues to counterbalance your seller’s demands and to make it easier for you to get the home of your dreams. It might seem cynical, but this step is one of the best that you can take for decreasing home cost almost exponentially.

Enhance Your Planning Process

Lastly, doing a private or personal home inspection when buying homes can help make planning that much easier for you. Taking the time to check out a house, first-hand puts you right into the midst of its walls, giving you a better view than even the best 3D model could provide. As a result, it will be a lot easier for you to look through the different rooms in the home, plan what you want it to look like, and come away with a better idea of what upgrades you may need to take.

For example, knowing the benefits and disadvantages of a home that you buy can help you understand what to do when you move into it. Enhancements, such as fixing window cracks or repairing minor pipe breaks, can ensure that your move-in process is smooth. Beyond that, it also makes sure that you don’t run into any unexpected problems that could make the home less of a quality place to live.

Just as importantly, knowing what to expect from any homes for sale that you inspect can also increase your confidence about the purchase. When you know what to expect – even if it isn’t always good news – you can plan your buying process more efficiently. Just as importantly, you can avoid any complications that may develop if you try to buy a home too quickly and don’t know about these minor to major problems.

The Best Homes are Available for Your

As you can see, inspecting the best homes for sale Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, and Tiffin, Iowa have to offer is critical for ensuring success as a buyer. However, you’re still not quite sure what kind of process to follow for and need help from experts who have your back. That’s where we at Scallon Custom Homes come into play. Our professionals will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with your home and will do what we can to give you the insight needed for your fabulous new house.

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