8 Major Features to Focus On When Building Your Custom Home


8 Major Features to Focus On When Building Your Custom Home

June 17, 2020

When building a custom home, there are several features you should focus on. Whether that’s the essentials such as doors and windows or the negotiables such as the landscaping design or height of the ceilings, there are several elements you should ponder before finalizing your plan.

Doors and Windows

It is vital you make sure you choose the right doors and windows when you are building a custom home. There are several benefits of efficient windows and doors that you don’t want to miss out on.

Doors come in different materials, each style with a different handle, color, and more. Because they tend to be so visible, your choice of doors is a big one. Your front door will be a focal point of your home. The door you pick is not significant just visually but also because it will affect the insulation of your home, and thus influencing both the amount of noise that gets inside and the amount it will cost to keep your home cool or warm.

High quality windows are one thing that will benefit your home’s resale value, should you decide to move again in the future. In addition, windows—besides allowing you to see out and letting in natural light—offer protection from the weather, keep the inside temperature stable, reduce noise coming in from the outside, and can increase your home’s energy efficiency.



This section talks about the importance of making sure the layout will meet your needs when building a custom home. Do you need an expanded garage? Will you include a basement? Do you need specific rooms for your special hobbies? Where do you want to place the rooms? What rooms will you put on each floor? For example, perhaps locating the laundry room near the bedrooms would be more convenient than an alternate option.

Consider how you would like to use each room. The kitchen, for example, can be designed to fulfill multiple functions. A kitchen can be a place for entertaining and gathering, as well as preparing food. The layout of your home will need to fit your intended style of life.

Consider implementing an open layout. Open floor plans allow for natural light to fill more of the house, and fosters safety, multi-tasking, and community.

Storage Space

You will want to plan for the right amount of storage space that meets your needs when building a custom home. Consider your kitchen storage needs. Building deeper drawers can be more efficient and convenient than more cabinets—it will be easier to find things than craning your neck to look at the back of a high cupboard or crawling on your hands and knees to search through a low cupboard.

In the pantry, will you need larder cupboards? How do you plan to organize your food and other kitchen supplies? What about storage in the bedrooms and bathrooms? In the mudroom, do you want to build shelves and cupboards? In the garage? These are important questions to consider when planning storage space.

Amount of Rooms

Make sure you choose the right amount of rooms when building your custom home. If you have young children, consider how their spatial needs will evolve. Do you plan to have your children share bedrooms? Will you host guests often? How many bathrooms do you expect to need? How often will you be at home? Make sure you have the essentials: master bedroom, kitchen, garage, laundry room, bathroom, etc. Then, if there is room to add more, think about your priorities. Again, consider your lifestyle. Do you need a home office?


Your choice of flooring is another important feature of your new home. Depending on your location, you may need to take humidity into account. Although hardwood flooring is generally the most popular—very solid, durable, and able to retain its value—in places like Florida, where humidity is a necessary factor to consider, ceramic tiles or engineered hardwood flooring would probably be a better option. Choosing nice flooring at the outset can prevent you from needing to redo your floors later on and can increase your custom house’s resale value.

Building Materials

Because you are able to be involved in the design of your home, you can maximize sustainability and incorporate eco-friendly features while avoiding less environmentally friendly choices. Energy-efficient building materials are an important feature to keep in mind. Using natural building materials (especially if you incorporate other eco-friendly features like solar panels and double-glazing windows) means your home, like most sustainably built homes, will last longer and better withstand the elements.

Sustainability in the materials of your home will also increase its resale value, due to the popularity of eco-friendly design in a society which is gravitating more and more towards a focus on the health of the planet.

Ceiling Height

It is also important to consider the height of your ceilings. Taller ceilings will open up your space, make your custom home even more luxurious, and allow for even more options when it comes to decorating the walls. The higher the ceiling, the greater the space, both literally and visually.

High ceilings also allow for greater energy efficiency in the summer. The hot air will rise, leaving the lower levels cooler. High ceilings will also increase natural light and your home’s resale value.


Landscaping is an integral part of your home’s image, and the way you choose to landscape can even affect your utility bills. Some plants can be beneficial to the soil, and other, drought-resistant plants can require less water during the year and lower your water bills. When planning your landscaping, consider adding a built-in irrigation system and keep in mind eco-friendly options for landscaping. Built-in sprinklers will save you a lot of time when it comes to yardwork.

There are many more features to make a home than you may expect. Doors, windows, flooring, and even building materials are necessary elements which may require contemplation before you make the final decision on the plan for your custom home.

We can build your custom home with all of these features and more! Contact us to get started.

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