How to Build Your Forever Home


How to Build Your Forever Home

July 29, 2020

Building your own home is an exciting journey! Make sure to take these suggestions into consideration in order to have the best possible experience.

Have a Well-Thought-Out Plan

Having a thorough plan is essential when building any home, but this is even more important when building your long-term dream home. As the construction process begins, you will be thrown into a whirlwind of decisions. Time is money in the construction world; and changing your mind often or taking a long time making decisions will cause you to lose money and get behind schedule.

Plan as many details as possible before you start! While designing the house itself, you should also be researching appliances, flooring, light fixtures, and countertops. Have an idea of your furniture placement and design preferences early in your planning process. Learn to make decisions quickly.

Contact the Best Builders

For maximum building success, you should contact the most experienced custom home builders that can help make your dream a reality. If you don’t have previous experience with construction, creating a support team of qualified contractors and industry professionals will be a lifesaver when building your home. Even if you do have experience building, you will appreciate having a team who can help you throughout the building process.

Your experience with builders and contractors will be infinitely better if you do your due diligence by conducting through research. Interview many different builders. Read customer reviews, ask for referrals, and look for clues that can give you an idea of their work style. Look for contractors you can trust and connect with. Many contractors may seem great on paper, but their personalities and other soft skills will make just as big a difference in your experience as their hard skills and qualifications.

Materials Designed to Last

When building your forever home, it’s crucial to use the best materials available—ones that are designed to last. This will offer the longevity and durability you’re looking for in a long-term home.

A stone coated metal roofing has many advantages over other roofing materials. This material offers incredible durability; it will not break, crack, warp, curl, or split. The interlocking roof panel design is resistant to extreme temperatures and weathers such as heavy rain, snow, wind, and freeze/thaw cycles.

Make it Accessible

Since you’re planning to stay in this home long-term, you’ll want to build it in a way that will facilitate a comfortable retirement. Try to make accessibility a priority in your design. This means avoiding building excessive stairs and providing accessible bathrooms and bedrooms. Take advantage of the flexibility available with a custom home design. Don’t be afraid to splurge on the details and make your home comfortable both now and in the future.

Leave Room for a Spacious Backyard

As you build your forever home, it’s important to think about the design of your outdoors as well as that of your indoors. You won’t want to be stuck inside all the time, so it’s a good idea to leave room for a spacious backyard you can enjoy.

The building phase is the perfect time to landscape the backyard to your ideal preference. While you’re already hiring contractors and making building-related decisions, spend the extra effort to plan out your perfect backyard set-up. Consider adding outdoor features such as a deck, water features, or a flower garden. If you’re struggling to figure out how you want your backyard to look, there are lots of ideas and even apps to help you design your backyard.

Choose a Great Location

The location of your dream home will make a big impact on virtually every aspect of your daily life. A wonderful home design can’t compensate for the consequences of building a home in the wrong location.

Before starting construction, consider questions such as: 1) Do you want to live in an urban area or a rural one? 2) What sort of lifestyle do you want to have? How will your location affect this? 3) What types of amenities are you looking for? Do you need to be close to schools, your work, hospitals, or a grocery store? 4) Do you want close neighbors? Do you want to live near friends and family?

The geographical features of your location will also influence your lifestyle. Make sure to take these into consideration before choosing your final location.

Stay Within Budget

Your home-building process will be dictated by your budget. One of the biggest mistakes home-builders make is failure to stay within this budget. One of the best remedies for this mistake is to make an exceptionally detailed plan. Your contractors can help with giving bids, but it’s important to educate yourself as much as possible and plan your own budget.

You should build a buffer into your budget in case of unexpected costs. Keep a contingency fund for these items. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the budget given to you by your contractor by 1.5; set aside the excess, for it will be the safety net that will ensure your home can be completed on time.

Put Effort into Communication

Communication is one of the most essential tools you have to ensure your home building experience is successful. Be proactive about communicating with your contractors. Set up protocols to ensure you get regular status updates about your home’s progress. Choose contractors who are equally committed to communicating with you. Putting the appropriate effort into communication will help you save time, money, and hassle.

Consider Hiring a Designer

Many first-time home-builders are confident in their style and design choices, and therefore don’t see the value in hiring a professional designer. However, although you may know your own personal aesthetic, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the many daily decisions you’ll be making. Designers, on the other hand, are familiar with construction language and can help you navigate these many decisions. Designers can help you save money, stay on schedule, and avoid costly mistakes.

As you prepare to build your forever home, make sure to create a detailed plan, choose the right builders, and use the best materials. These suggestions will help you build a home that you love to live in, both now and in the future.

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