Custom Homes That Will Make Your Head Spin


Custom Homes That Will Make Your Head Spin

July 3, 2019

Homes for sale in Cedar Rapids, Iowa need to do a lot to stand out in the crowded market in this big city. As a result, custom homes are often a great choice, even if you don’t plan on selling your home. Custom houses create a multitude of unique style options that are hard to get in any other way and which will transform your home into an attractive and unforgettable place without much difficulty.

So if you want to build a custom home and you aren’t sure where to begin, consider these awesome home ideas. Each of these concepts is designed to make your home a little more unique and will blow the mind of any visitors who come to your house. Even better, each of these elements also provides a unique practical advantage that makes them an excellent choice for your home.

Practical Slides

Slides might seem like a silly addition to your home, but they can be practical if you focus on specific design elements. For example, you can add a slide to transition between your first floor and the basement and put clothes down the slide to improve laundry day a little bit.

You can also integrate slides if you have children who love having a little fun in the house. At the bottom of the slide, make sure to include various landing pads where your children can safely fall. Some may even add slides to the outside of their homes for sale, which is a step that may be good for warm-weather areas.

Wine, Wine, Everywhere!

Wine has become one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, and if you want your home to show off your love of this drink, you need to add a few storage centers. For example, a wine cellar is an excellent addition to any house and is a great way to use space that would otherwise be wasted in a home.

However, you can also add elements such as wine coolers, bars devoted to wine, and more to give your home a unique wine-centric feel. This approach is particularly fun if you add decorations and colors that match your favorite wine, such as pictures of wine bottles or red and white color designs.

Hidden Rooms and Secret Passages

While hidden rooms might seem like a silly idea you’d see in a mystery movie, they can be a fun way to make your custom homes for sale unique. Hidden rooms typically exist in out-of-the-way areas and are blocked by something like a bookshelf. This area can be a panic room or simply a fun place to hang out.

Secret passages require a little more work but can be a lot of fun if you do them right. For example, you can add a secret passage from the kitchen to your bedroom that bypasses the rest of the house and which gives you easy access to food when you need a midnight snack.

Mudroom Design Options

If you have multiple children or own a lot of shoes and jackets, you need a mudroom to keep your items safe. These rooms are broad areas where you utilize elements such as built-in lockers and various shelving options to create a diverse and unique place for your gear.

These rooms are a great choice if you build your home in a rural area and plan on going outside regularly. You should also consider a mudroom if you have a large number of children who are likely to go in and out of your house periodically and who may track in mud or other types of debris.

Save Room for a Spa

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in hot water at the end of a hard day, and a spa in your custom home is a great addition. Try to integrate at least one hot tub in your home or spread a few relaxation areas throughout the house. And, if you can afford it, don’t forget a sauna for extra relaxation.

While a spa is an excellent addition for any custom homes for sale, you should also make sure to add pools and other water-based fun areas. Pools will entertain your children and their friends and can serve as a great place to hang out when you have friends over for the big game.

A Tree-Hugger’s Paradise

If you love trees or have a bit of a green thumb, a home dedicated to trees may be a great choice. You can either plant trees in such a way that they overhang your home or design a room where you grow trees indoors! This process is great if you want to tend to the tree during your spare time.

The downsides to this approach include the cost and the extra room you’ll need to utilize to add trees to your home. In most cases, you’ll probably have room for just a handful of small trees in a single place. However, these trees add a unique element that you can’t get in any other way.

Wall of Windows

Lastly, you may want to consider making one wall of your home – particularly one facing a beautiful area – an extensive collection of beautiful windows. This option is common in many custom homes, as it creates an incredible view that is hard to beat and which will make you the envy of not only everyone who visits, but also everyone in your neighborhood.

This option is particularly great if you have a home that faces a beautiful lake or an expansive plain and you get a magnificent view of either a sunrise or sunset. There’s nothing quite like sitting in your home and watching the day begin or end. The beauty of this moment is something that you deserve to see every day from your custom home.

Get the Custom Homes You Deserve

As you can see, many custom homes and ideas are interesting and worth considering. Each of these ideas is designed to meet the specific needs of a homeowner and can be used individually to achieve particular results. However, you can also combine two or more of these ideas into your custom home to create something special – a home design never used by anybody else.

So if you’re thinking of building exceptional custom homes for sale in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and want the best possible results, please contact us today to learn more. We are experts at designing and building high-quality custom homes and will take the necessary steps to ensure that your house is precisely what you want and that it meets your desires when we’re finished building.

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