Custom Home Additions That Help Make You Money


Custom Home Additions That Help Make You Money

May 20, 2019

When you look at the various homes for sale in Cedar Rapids, IA, you can’t figure out why your house isn’t worth as much as them. There’s a good chance that these houses utilized some of the following custom home addition upgrades, which you should also do if you want to make your home worth as much as possible.

Aquarium – $600 and Up

One underrated way to make your house stand out from other homes for sale is a high-quality fish aquarium. We’re not talking about a small investment, here, but a higher-end aquarium that contains 30 gallons or more of water. Adding this fish to your home is a wise choice because it will create a wilder and more attractive style that will appeal to many different people.

For example, an upper-end aquarium can give a home a surprisingly rich style that is hard to obtain with other types of similarly-priced upgrades. Though some people probably won’t be interested in this type of update on their home and may not buy a house because of one, you can highlight this element in a way that makes your customized home seem more exciting and fresh.

Sun Room – &1,500 and Up

People looking for a comfortable place to live want rooms that are dedicated solely to relaxation. This extra luxury intrigues people and makes them more interested in buying your home. For example, a place with filled with many windows and comfortable seating areas is a great way to attract a broad array of potential buyers to check out your home or pay a bit more for the house.

If you want to make a sunroom, it may be necessary to either build a new addition to your home or convert an extra room into a window-filed seating area. The best option here will vary depending on your needs. For example, some people will do best buying a whole new room, particularly if they have a little extra space on their property where they can build this high-quality seating area.

Outdoor Kitchen – $5,000 and Up

While you can always add a barbecue grill to make your house stand out from other homes for sale on the market, you can also go one step further and create a full outdoor kitchen. This step isn’t going to be an inexpensive one but is often a good idea if you’re trying to appeal to higher-end sellers. For example, this step is significant for wealthy families who may want a luxurious place to cook during the warmest months of the year.

The trick with this room is to make sure that you make the kitchen just as comfortable as your indoor kitchen. You’ll need a refrigerator, high-quality stoves, countertops, electrical, plumbing, and gas appliances. Beyond that, you need to have a way of covering these appliances – such as a retractable roof – that you can use when the weather is too cold or rainy for you to enjoy cooking outdoors with your family. This cost may add an addition $6,000 or more to the value of your home.

Putting Green – $15 Per Square Foot and Up

Though a putting green might seem like an unnecessary expense, people who will spend a lot of money on your home will fall in love with one. For example, you could install a small green – no more than 100 square feet – for a mere $1,500, including multiple holes and movable hole options. This step provides higher-end or more affluent buyers – who may love golf – with the chance to practice this challenging sport while relaxing in the comfort of their own home.

This type of investment is not wise if your home is in an area where rich people would be unlikely to live, such as downtown or in a suburb. In these areas, you may not have the room either indoors or outdoors to install a putting green of this type. However, rural areas in Cedar Rapids or North Liberty – spots that may attract rich people who want a place to “get away” – serve as a great place to add a little putting green to your home.

In-Home Theater – $1,000 and Up

While some of these upgrades may seem a bit too pricey or high-end for many people, a good home theater is relatively inexpensive and is perfect for homes for sale that you can’t seem to offload. A home theater needs a high-quality TV, a media player, a sound system, and a comfortable place to sit. You can anticipate spending anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on a basic setup, one that will likely net you far more than that when you try selling your home.

This choice is relatively modest because you can utilize a variety of inexpensive components to create a theater that your potential buyers will love. Just as importantly, this type of design option is less specialized than a putting green – more people like movies than golf – and provides a pretty good level of return for your investment. As always, make sure to price out this project adequately before implementing it on your home.

Indoor Bar – $2,000 and Up

This last option is one of the best that can utilize on a new or used home. An indoor home bar will provide a significant draw for a wide variety of individuals, from those who like watching the football game from the couch to those who regularly entertain a large number of people. A basement is typically a good place for this type of bar because most people either rarely go in the basement or use it for more specific needs, such as playing pool or working out.

Just as importantly, an indoor bar will appeal to far more people than even a home theater. Almost anybody – short of those who don’t drink – would appreciate this type of area in their home. And even those who don’t drink might like a bar for when friends and family members visit. Beyond that, an excellent indoor bar serves as a comfortable place for you to entertain a large number of people on the holidays, which can make your home a family-fun zone.

Building the Custom Home That You Desire

So if you want to find the best homes for sale in Cedar Rapids, IA on the market or make your house stand out, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Scallon Custom Homes to learn more. Our professionals will work with you to find a real estate solution that is right for your needs. Then, we’ll discuss ways to get your home to make an impact on the market in a way that sells it more quickly.

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