8 Style and Theme Ideas to Consider When Designing a Deck


8 Style and Theme Ideas to Consider When Designing a Deck

May 4, 2020

Designing and building your dream deck is an exciting venture. Decks are great additions to a home that can be extremely versatile—from providing space for entertainment, to offering a safe haven under nature’s brilliant canopies. Here are several ideas when it comes to different styles and themes you should consider before starting construction.


If you love the rural, countryside-feel, you may enjoy a rustic theme to your deck. People love rustic styles because they are less expensive and add so much personality to the home. According to Keystone Custom Decks, you can create the ultimate rustic themed deck by using reclaimed materials, adding deep browns and light tans, exposing beams, decorating with historical artifacts, and using traditional style stones. Add some wicker chairs, vintage furniture, or a cozy brick fireplace to complete the overall rustic mood.


If you relish the look of luxury and air on the side of faddish, you may want to choose a modernized design to your deck. When building your dream, modernized deck, keep in mind the importance of clean lines, symmetry, and bold colors. Choose a dark, illustrious wood for the floor. To make it more interesting, consider implementing a ‘rooftop garden’ feel by adding in segments of grassy area or potted trees and hedges.

Add some variety to the boxy floor with some circular furniture. Install a fire pit, throw some circular bar stools around an outdoor entertainment area, or fill up the space with a weather-friendly circular couch. Throw in some boldly colored throw pillows and mood lighting for some extra pizzazz.


Contemporary is all about geometry, peculiar patterns, and original layouts. Think of a more daring, artsy modern. Start with your floor by applying a daring base-layer of board play: take your wood flooring and make intricate patterns of contrasting lines and angles. Play with your hardscaping by adding in elaborate curves or segments of grass. According to the European Leather Gallery, other common elements in contemporary design include neutral colors, minimalism, and curved lines.

Take your deck to a whole new level by throwing in a fire pit or hot tub. In the end, you should feel that you deck sports a unique personality, displaying exciting variations of levels, shapes, and colors. Use geometric shapes without fear but stick to more natural colors such as blues, browns, greens, and beige.


No matter if you live by the beach or not, a nautical theme may be just the one for your deck, especially if your aim is to bring the peaceful connotation of the sea to your home. When choosing your color scheme, go for lighter shades like beige or grey as your base.

Get creative and surround the deck area with nautical themed raining, complete with weathered rope, a red lifesaving float, or a vintage spyglass. According to Rochele Decorating, you can tastefully decorate with bold blue decor, soft yellow accents, and weaved furniture. Add in some DIY action with shell displays or beachy phrases etched on wooden frames.


Own a large yard and want a bit of space isolated from the rest of the house to enjoy the outdoors? You may opt for a detached deck, or a deck that is not attached to the home but stands positioned somewhere else on your property. While this type of deck doesn’t work for every yard, it may be perfect for you if you need a bit of privacy within the comforts of your landscape.

The great thing about a detached deck versus an attached deck is that detached decks are much more adaptable. You can create your own little escape with nothing more than a couple layers of sealed wood planks, great for yards with poor drainage or uneven terrain. Allow your island deck to grow ‘into’ your yard by letting it adopt the personality of your landscape. Add in some comfy chairs and potted plants to set the stage. Let it be your own little safe haven.


Want a deck that speaks tranquility? Then a Zen styled deck is just for you. A Zen themed deck is intensely personal and makes use of simplicity, light, and natural materials. It is also usually free from clutter. When designing your Zen-themed deck, consider implementing different aspects of Japanese architecture, including red cedar deck railing, a roof extension, or geometric archways.

According to One Kindesign, good Zen design creates a union between the outdoors and the indoors. Set the mood with a fountain or small pond with cod and lilies. Add in some oriental trees or a Japanese-inspired garden. Don’t feel the need to use up every bit of space. The goal of a Zen themed deck is to create purpose, unity, functionality, and—above all—minimalism.


Shabby chic demands a mellow touch. It is an ingenious mixture of both rustic and feminine into one, single theme. If you are looking for something charming, gentle, and even a little southern, you will want a shabby chic themed deck.

A shabby chic themed deck will make use of light colors and soft details. It should scream the word ‘comfy’ from every wicker chair, plump sofa, and decorative accent. According to Barn Furniture, shabby chic can also consist of antique-looking things. Given the theme’s love for plush and vintage, you may consider making it a covered deck to keep furniture safe under any kind of weather. When choosing a color scheme, go for more light, feminine colors including salmon pink, soft pink, white, creamy yellow, or powder blue.


Multi-level decks are great for large properties with frequent changes in elevation or unaccommodating terrain. They often take a bit more detailed planning and careful installation. However, once installed, a multi-level deck can be a wonderful addition to your yard. They also save you from having to pay big bucks to level out your land. When building your multi-level deck, be tactful in how you decide to direct the layout of your deck. The loveliest multi-level decks flow very seamlessly with the natural land.

Every home has a different personality and deserves a unique deck to complement its character. Before starting construction on your dream deck, be sure to contemplate what that personality is and what type of deck would best work within the space your yard provides. But most of all, be true to your style and have fun designing!

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